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Welcome to our download page. Here you will find the software to download either Windows version or Mac(Secure File Backup and Secure Password Keeper is the only two that have Windows and Mac Versions the other software is Windows version only. Please download the software that is compatible with your computer.

Secure File Backup

Don't wait another day secure your important files, photos, documents, music and much much more.

Secure Password Keeper

Why take a chance with the same old password or hassle remembering hundreds of passwords. Try password keeper today.

Computer Safely Check

Keep up to date on your childs or employees daily computer activity with Safely Check computer monitoring software.

Secure My PC

Going online can be scary but not anymore with our new Secure My PC software it keep spammers and hackers at bay.
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Here you will be able to purchase your software, if purchasing Secure Backup or Secure Password you will be able to purchase from the same link Wins or Macs.

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